Welcome Experimental Freaks!

Want to try something a bit different?
Dabble in the dark arts of a digital experimental playground? So do we!

Small Project, Big Effort

We’re into short sharp shocks of projects.
We’re there! Togged out and ready to dive right in there and get all mucky and stuff.

Where's the creativity gone?

Blue sky thinking is your friend!
Let’s hear your most fantastical idea and we might tell you “we can’t do that!”
or we might make it even more splendiferous. Let’s see!

We have fingers for pies.

The pie is your project by the way.
Well we do know alot of creative people in some unusal feilds.
If we can do; we can probably help anyway! We’re nice like that!

Downtime is important to us.

The Doodle and Beyond!

We absolutely love to draw pictures! Everything we do revolves around our love for drawing pictures with whatever, whenever and wherever possible!

Now We're Moving!

So we draw characters and stuff. What do we do next except bring them to life! We do this in 2d, both traditionally and digitally as well as 3d!




Giving it Some Form!

The doodling and animation leads us to the next step. 3 full dimensions. We create content for games, animation, VR and AR. We’ve been doing this for a while so we know the tools!

It's a Creative Playground!

We’re into making short film, promos and music vids y’know. Stuff like that. Bit of a challenge, low budget, quick turnaround and lots of creative approaches!

Let's Try This!

And here’s the culmination of all of that stuff. FIlm mixed with animation, illustration for concepts, 3d characters in play…. we’re gone next level!

Let's Get This Shit Out There!

Well the public is waiting! Let’s get it onto the web, stick a poster in the window, mail out a couple of leaflets and brand this baby! Let the world know!

 News N’ Stuff

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Self Portrait in Charcoal innit! Been looking at getting more into portrait drawing recently. Paul Kerr, an amazingly talented artist bloke I know was working with charcoal in large scale and it...

Give us a Shout!

Curious? Nosey? Got an itch you need to discuss?
Projects needing expertise? Comments? Do please give us a shout!