Izak9- Character Design, Localisation and Animations (x 40!)


Right! This is an ongoing project for a good few years now. Initially we were asked to design characters to represent the product Izak9 but it spiralled into creating over 40 animations, localisation into different languages (Chinese, Dutch and Irish with more being worked on currently), promotional materials, sound engineering, promo film production and the list goes on. Pixel Rogue still works with Qubizm on this project in a relationship lasting 7+ years at this stage. Anyway it’ll take a while to write up an overview of this project so I’ll take that while. I’ll put it up when I get it finished if it ever is. In the meantime check out the videos below for a taster.

You can learn more about this brilliant project here: https://www.izak9.com/

Do you remember this dude form the telly years ago? Johnny Ball? I really loved his show when I was a kid (I’m old yeah!) “Think of a Number”. Anyway for the younger crew he’s Zoe Ball’s da. Remember her from Radio 1 and 2 and stuff like that? She that’s married to Fat Boy Slim. Anyway we did a bit of work with him on this project too. Here’s him introducing the product:

Johnny Ball Introduces Izak9:

Izak9 Promo video.

All animation, editing, compositing, filming and sound done by Pixel Rogue.

Izak9 Character Design Process by Pixel Rogue


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