The VSG (Virtual Saldanha Galleries)


So we’ve been working with the consummate professional arty types at Artlink during this Covid pandemic shit-show. What is an artist to do when they can’t show off their latest wares? Well We decided to recreate the Atlink gallery of choice the Saldanha suite at fort Dunree. Anyway using the Unity engine and some plans I did a quick mock up and opened it up for business. Branded it The VSG and away we went. Artlink Online (another pixel Rogue dev) have a little piece on it here.

So Pixel Rogue’s Mark exhibited some of his own work as an opener for the gallery and he did some inane chatteringe on facebook live to launch it. Went well enough. You can see that stuff here as well as the gallery populated with his stuff. Fair play huh?

So a week after that the space was reimagined and some mad ass shit done to it at the request of the artists exhibiting. The roof was taken off, some floaty horseshoe type structures were put in and flaming paintings put outside the windows. This was the for for realsies exhibition in the space by “real” artists. Take a look here:


Other Exhibitions at the VSG

Drawn From Borders:

Artlink Member’s Show:



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